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We are a collaboration of organizations and businesses throughout Bloomington and Monroe County.

We build healthier communities through policy, systems and environmental change strategies.

We support collaboration and sharing of policies and initiatives across sectors.

We encourage healthy, lifestyle changes in our community.

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CHANGE Assessments and Sectors

ACHIEVE conducts an annual health and wellness assessment of the Bloomington/Monroe County community. CHANGE is a community assessment tool developed by the CDC's Healthy Communities Program and has been designed to identify community assets and potential areas for improvement in the area of health and wellness.

Assessment Teams measure: Physical Activity, Tobacco Use, Nutrition, Chronic Disease Prevention, and Leadership. Using a five-point scale, the teams evaluate each site on a policy and an environmental level. The policy rating reflects whether or not a written policy exists, and if it does – to what extent the policy is functioning. The environment rating measures behaviors of those affected by the issue (i.e. Whether or not there is a policy in place, do employees smoke on campus? Where do they smoke?) The rating number, and documentation to support it, is reported back to the ACHIEVE Coordinator and then entered into the CHANGE tool which produces a score for the site.

Results of the assessment are presented to both the assessed sites as well as the ACHIEVE Community Health Action Response Team (CHART). The CHART, ACHIEVE's governing board, uses the data to identify the highest areas of need and creates Annual Goals and Objectives for the ACHIEVE Community Action Plan.

  Community Partners and Resources

Community Health Assessment Data and Resources
This list is to help establish and develop mechanisms for information sharing across organizations and levels. By doing so, ACHIEVE will develop culture-centered communication strategies to publicize health and care services to the public, targeting specifically those who will benefit from the preventative health aspect. To submit data for the ACHIEVE website, the organization or business must select a category that the organization data falls under. These categories include: transportation, nutrition, physical activity, education, tobacco, obesity, children, chronic disease, health disparities and aging. All of these categories are related to prevention of disease and chronic disease management.

Bloomington / Monroe County was selected as an ACHIEVE Community because of its rich collaborations and strong leadership. ACHIEVE strives to bring together local leaders who have the drive and ability to make Policy, Systems, and Environmental changes that will improve the health and wellness of their communities. In addition to our CHART, with membership from businesses and organizations throughout the community, ACHIEVE is guided by coaches from the Monroe County YMCA and City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation as well as heavily supported by the Active Living Coalition. It is these collaborations that allow ACHIEVE to be successful in inspiring and enacting change to make the healthy choice the easy choice in our community.

ACHIEVE Mini Grants

ACHIEVE Mini Grants support the community in making health and wellness policy, environmental, and system changes that provide easy access to healthy, active lifestyles throughout the community: in our homes, at our schools, in our workplaces, and at our parks. Eligible applicants have been awarded up to $3,000 to fund their efforts. In addition, they have received support from the ACHIEVE team while implementing their project(s).

Note: We are currently applying for more funds to sustain the ACHIEVE Mini Grant Program. Please "Like" our Facebook Page for up to date news.

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Funding Source
Coaches and Assistant
Community Action Plan
ACHIEVE National

Community Institution/Org.

Monroe County YMCA
City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation
Active Living Coalition
Indiana State Department of Health

ACHIEVE is a group of leaders across five sectors: schools, Worksites, Organization, Healthcare, and Community at Large.
It is our mission to inspire and promote policies, practices, and collaborations to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

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